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Do you want to be a MERMAID of Bali Surfer Girls!

It's a privilege to be a Mermaid.
You are the light of inspiration!

There are lots of rewards:
* Project opportunities first round offer.
* Free tastings at cafes & restaurants
* Invites to Exclusive Events world wide.
* Earn more starfish bonus for hard work

I will explain starfish bonus system later.

Submit by Wednesday:
* Resume
* Profile (100 words + professional photos)
* 60 seconds video
* Blog (500 words - I want to see your literary skills)

Mermaids of Bali Surfer Girls can range from different stages of life and various website skill levels. However, they all have a unique quality that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Be part of our leadership team.
We are only recruiting the best!

Email: balisurfergirls@gmail.com

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